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British Bulldog Stud Service

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MpireBullz - Your Trusted Source for British Bulldog Puppies and Stud Services

Whether you are looking for a beautiful British Bulldog puppy for sale or reliable stud services, you have found the right place. A reputable breeder specializing in British Bulldogs, also known as English Bulldogs, MpireBullz is dedicated to providing top-quality, healthy, and temperamental puppies.
Characteristics of the British Bulldog:

Bulldogs are remarkable breeds with distinctive characteristics. They possess a brawny build and crablike waddle, which exude strength, stability, and vigor. Due to their large, round head and extremely short muzzles, bulldog faces look flattened. They have dark, low-set eyes and a black nose that is slightly upturned. Known for their comical grin, Bulldogs have massive, broad jaws and fleshy, pendulous lips.
With a short, thick neck and massive shoulders, Bulldogs stand about 16 inches tall with a deep, full chest and a slightly arched, barrel-shaped back. They stand about 16 inches tall with stocky legs and great muscular definition. In addition to heavy wrinkles and thick folds, the skin on the British Bulldog is loose and pendant. Depending on the color patterns, they can have a short, fine-textured coat.

A loving companion:

Aside from their unique appearance, British Bulldogs are known for their sweet, gentle nature. Children especially love them. Bulldogs are people- oriented and seek human attention actively, making them delightful pets. They make good watchdogs.

Living with a British Bulldog:

Bulldogs are generally low-endurance dogs, requiring only moderate amounts of exercise, but are sensitive to extreme temperatures, which makes them suitable for apartment living and does not necessarily require a yard. In hot weather, they may become overheated and have difficulty breathing, and in cold weather, they may become chilled.

Bulldogs are moderate shedders, and when groomed, they have short coats that require little maintenance. However, cleaning their wrinkled faces regularly is essential to avoid skin infections. Furthermore, they are known for their loud breathing, snoring, and occasional drooling.

A rich history:

Bullbaiting has long been a part of the English Bulldog's history. These dogs were used in bull baiting in the British Isles prior to the 13th century, where they displayed courage and determination. As bull baiting was outlawed, the English Bulldog became more amiable and family-friendly, and it is today recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as simply the Bulldog.

MpireBullz is committed to preserving the heritage and quality of British Bulldogs. We offer English Bulldog puppies for sale derived from carefully selected parents who have excellent health and temperament. In addition to offering stud services for Bulldog enthusiasts worldwide, we are located on the Gold Coast, providing both local and international clients with access to our
puppies and services.
Contact MpireBullz today to learn more about our available British Bulldog puppies and stud services. Join our Bulldog-loving community and enjoy this adorable companion. For your Bulldog's health and well-being, wipe the wrinkles on its face regularly.

The wrinkles on the English bulldog's face should be wiped regularly to prevent skin infections.


Weight Range:

Male: 24 kgs.
Female: 23 kgs.

Height at Withers:

Male: 17 in.
Female: 16 in.


Thick neck, brachycephalic (short face), heavy wrinkles


Exercise Requirements: 20-40 minutes/day
Energy Level: Laid back
Longevity Range: 8-10 yrs.
Tendency to Drool: High
Tendency to Snore: High
Tendency to Bark: Low
Tendency to Dig: Low
Social/Attention Needs: Moderate


Length: Short
Characteristics: Straight
Colors: Brindle (subtle "tiger stripe" effect), piebald, solid red, fawn or white
Overall Grooming Needs: Low

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