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A Guardian Family is a family to whom a breeder gives a puppy to free of charge. 

This puppy is the lifetime pet of the Guardian Family, to care for as they would, any pet of their own. 

We have Guardian families from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, and we only accept applicants within this area.

The guardian family does not have to pay for this dog. But will enter into a legal agreement with the breeder to accept the responsibility and care of the dog. 

The dog is an investment to the breeder’s breeding program.  By signing the legal agreement with the breeder, the Guardian Family agrees that the breeder requires access to and is legally allowed to use the dog for breeding purposes. 

The Guardian Family agrees to financially support the dog with any general pet related expenses, as they would with any pet. The breeder accepts full cost of any breeding related expenses that occur. 

If the breeder feels that the dog is not able to be cared for by the Guardian they will step in and take the dog back into their care. 

The dog is not to be on-sold or taken away from the breeder without written consent from the breeder.

If the Guardian Family chooses to move more than 25km from the existing residence the breeder must be notified before the intent to move. 

At the end of the agreement the dog is to be desexed and full ownership of the dog is transferred to the Guardian Family. 

Here at MpireBullz we breed our girls on the first heat they have after the age of one. We feel, this is most beneficial to the dog as they are at peak health and it helps boost the overall build and growth of the female.

Our guardian program is very selective and something we take great pride in. We retain the right to refuse applicants for any reason we deem unsuitable.


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